Raid night #6!

We BESTED the great Spiroc Lord! We also got TWO Keeper of Souls (one in dz, and one in Open World!)
Grats to Halagren!!

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Innothule Down! Cazic Thule down!

When you band together with your buds, you can do anything you set your mind to!
– President Mafakka

Innoruuk dropped some racist gear:
Shattered Emerald of Corruption
Two Troll Belts
A High Elf Ring
Cazic dopped:
Puppet Strings
A Stupid Piccolo
A Stupid Shield

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Raid nights 2 and 3!

aggy went down without a hitch!
We got 2 CoF, drums, a book, a bag

We tried Draco. Got him down to 3% and wiped. We’ll get him next week!

Raid Night 3

Keeper of Souls down!
Grats Jesica on first piece of Sky quest loot!
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Raid night #1!

The server has been out 13 days now, and we have been leveling up and grinding to do some raiding. Vox dropped some pretty sweet loot (no scales though), and why do we get two book drops if we have no Paladins!? Anyways, we need Paladins, Bards, Clerics, Druids. Come have fun!

Meet Vox

Meet Dead Vox

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Okay, PALS is not moving from Mangler… BUT, we are starting a new chapter on Aradune because we’ve been so successful on Mangler! With that being SAID:

“The people who worked for Joe were misfits, and they were a family.
It was a place where all these misfits could come together and be with the King of Misfits
Who reigned over them.”

Quick History of Pals
Pals was formed on an emulator server in the fall of 2018. The server came to an abrupt end when devs discontinued working on it and canceled the server. However, that did not deter Pals, because PALS STICK TOGETHER, and we reformed on Mangler. To this day, Pals is one of the best guilds that many people have ever been a part of, and THAT starts with the members.

Our vision is to create an atmosphere where working adults can come home from work and enjoy themselves. We are all playing this game for fun, and there’s no need to be called a dickhead or a fucking retard by your raid leader just because you went AFK a minute to check on your kids. We get it, your real life takes precedence over a video game, and that’s how it should be. We’re playing a game, not working a second job. We want to be able to enjoy ourselves. That’s what we did on Mangler, and that’s what we hope to replicate on Aradune. Hopefully you’ll join us.

Some of our rules

With that being said, we will be raiding 3 days mid-week (enjoy your weekend!)
Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Hours: 7-10pm Pacific
You are not required to be at every raid for every hour.
Each member should maintain a 25% raid attendance to retain membership status
(that’s 6 hours over 2 weeks)

dkp per 30 minutes: 2 No per kill dkp because some raids will have more boss kills (like sky and Hate)
boxes earn dkp can bid up to 10 in Classic against a main (must spend 2x dkp if item is won vs. main)
No being a dickhead. That means no racist cracks, if you touch a sensitive topic, you should know when to drop it. We’re all adults here.

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