We will be raiding 3 days mid-week (enjoy your weekend!)
Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 
Hours: 6-10pm Pacific
You are not required to be at every raid for every hour.Each member should maintain a 25% raid attendance to retain membership status(that’s 6 hours over 2 weeks)

DKP per 30 minutes: 2 No per kill dkp because some raids will have more boss kills (like sky and Hate)
Boxes earn dkp and can bid up to 10 in Classic against a main (must spend 2x dkp if item is won vs. main) . We want to reward high play time players while keeping dkp hoarding at a minimum.No being a d-head. That means no racist cracks, if you touch a sensitive topic, you should know when to drop it. We’re all adults here.
Bidding Process: 90 seconds per item, winning bid is the second highest bid, +1:
Player 1 bids 83, Player 2 bids 34, Player 3 bids 64
Player 1 wins for 65 dkp
Bidding Caps:
Box – 10
Under 40% 30-day Raid Attendance: 75